APSU Provides End of Support for IBM i V5R4
APSU Provides End of Support for IBM i V5R4

APSU Provides End of Support for IBM i V5R4

APSU can assist IBM i users with end of support for IBM i V5R4 ahead of its withdrawal in September this year.

IBM will withdraw software support of the IBM i V5R4 operating system on 30 September 2013. V5R4 has been available since 2006 and with End of Service scheduled for 2013, it will have been supported longer than any prior release.

APSU can offer a roadmap strategy to complete an upgrade; fully test environments; migrate to the latest generation of Power 7+ systems; or help manage a ‘do nothing’ approach.

APSU’s professional services allow an upgrade from v5r4 to IBM I 6.1 or 7.1, taking advantage of IBM i’s latest features and continuing with vendor support. Alternatively Customers can also upgrade using their own technical team, with APSU providing ad-hoc support at the planning and execution state using CallPoint credit-based technology support tokens to provide assistance if it is needed.

Fully test application compatibility with IBM I 6.1 or 7.1 by upgrading on an APSU development system. A customer only has to supply their production system tapes and sign in remotely to APSU’s secure ISO 27001 recovery centre to test their upgrade off-line in a test environment. Clients can also use this opportunity to fully validate a cold start disaster recovery plan. For a limited period only, APSU will provide a test environment free of charge, subject to a signed order for an upgrade or migrate service.

IBM’s end of life support announcement for i v5r4 presents obstacles for those who have not yet migrated to v6r1 or IBM’s latest release v7r1. An unsupported IBM i release introduces business risk and can affect audit compliance, so doing nothing is not an option. Although IBM can offer extended support for a further three years, this will not be cheap with users paying 60% more than current SWMA subscriptions.

APSU will assist transition to the latest IBM i OS and Power 7+ hardware, realising increased performance with reduced energy costs. The new generation of Power7+ servers represents the most powerful and scalable mid-range servers that IBM has ever made. Attractive x86 equivalent pricing on entry systems and the benefits of migrating to POWER7 and IBM i 7.1 to deliver reduced costs mean the value proposition of IBM i has never been stronger.

APSU also provides competitive IBM finance to maximise cash flow and help IBM i users accelerate their migration path to IBM’s latest technology platform.

Steve Morris, chairman and CEO of APSU, said:

“We strongly believe that working in partnership with a company’s IT team is the best way to create the IT infrastructure that is right. Whether this is an IBM i upgrade to 6.1 or 7.1 or migration to the latest POWER7+ platform, customers can be assured it will be the correct choice for the business. Even if you decide to do nothing at this stage, or would like to have more time to make a decision, we are always here to help.”

IBM i is the integrated operating environment for IBM Power Systems™, which has been used by thousands of businesses around the world for over 20 years since the introduction of the AS/400® and its successor System i® server.

Speak to APSU’s Power consultants on +44 (0)1285 862100 to find out how APSU can help companies choose the right option to manage withdrawal of V5R4 support.

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