Black Friday and Cyber Monday: The top online frustrations for UK and North American customers
Black Friday and Cyber Monday Online Customer Experience Tweets

Black Friday and Cyber Monday: The top online frustrations for UK and North American customers

The top online frustrations for UK and North American customersConsumers are frustrated with the top UK and US websites, a survey has shown on the busiest online retail events of the year, Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

According to the survey undertaken by IBM accredited partner APSU using data from analytics tool, payment, login/registration and searching are the main causes of frustration for users in both the UK and the US.

With many consumers taking to social networking websites such as Twitter to vent their frustrations, APSU’s analysis studied the number of Twitter complaints about the Top 100 UK and North American online retailers.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2013 statistics for North America showed an average 152% increase in negative tweets. Payment and searching were the most complained about on Black Friday, while Cyber Monday saw the most frustrations over account and payment issues.

Although Cyber Monday is the biggest single day for online sales in the UK, the American tradition of Black Friday has migrated across the pond and is becoming important for consumers looking for a bargain. The top frustrations for UK users on Black Friday were payment and ordering, with payment being common to both sides of the Atlantic. Cyber Monday saw account and payment complaints affecting online trading on 2 December.

Meanwhile, the year to date analysis for the UK showed a 53% increase in the number of negative tweets about online experiences since 2012 and a staggering 280% increase since 2011.

In the UK, searching was the top frustration at 30%, followed by payment at 18.6% and ordering at 10.5%. Problems with search demonstrate poor overall site usability, while payment issues signify bad checkout basket processes. Both problems can cause customers to abandon the site or their purchases, potentially costing businesses thousands of pounds.

Payment issues can be resolved by IBM Tealeaf’s analysis tool, available through APSU. Using IBM Tealeaf, online retailers will understand why users abandoned the page; why they didn’t complete the transaction; or why they left negative feedback on social media websites.

Also available is IBM FlashSystem technology, which allows online retailers to easily withstand seasonal buying frenzies, providing fast data access for demanding online applications, such as real-time inventory and online assistance.

“Users are taking to Twitter to vent their frustrations, making the performance of online retailers’ websites integral,” APSU group marketing director, Gerry Burke, said. “A proactive approach using services such as IBM Tealeaf will allow online retailers to catch unnoticed obstacles that damage their brand reputation, costing them revenue.”

Burke added: “As more retailers look to increase online access to real-time data, this will place incredible demands for high performance and quick response times. In order to meet this demand, organisations must look to reduce storage access latency: IBM’s game changing technology, IBM FlashSystem can help to address this.”

About APSU
APSU is a technology pioneer delivering cloud-based services into the IBM mid-range market before any other company. Viewed by IBM as a strategic partner with board representation on IBM’s Worldwide Advisory Councils, the company has an impressive technical pedigree. It is the highest accredited Business Partner in Europe and is elite in the channel; sitting at the number one position for Power Systems (i and AIX), PureFlex, Enterprise Storage and IBM Tealeaf.

APSU has a unique position of IT leadership in several market sectors, providing services to an impressive list of industry-leading companies, including the largest technology and IT consulting company in the world, all 3 of the top 3 high-street banks, 11 of the top 50 UK retailers, 2 of the top 20 UK insurers and 6 FTSE100 companies.

About Topsy
Topsy Labs, Inc., a social-media analytics company, provides real-time search and analytics to businesses around the globe. It operates a real-time social search engine for consumers. The company indexes, measures, and live-ranks links, comments, pictures, videos, and Web pages from social posts to provide content and social Web metrics to consumers and businesses. Its products include consumer search, ad hoc analyses, commercial APIs, and licensed software. The company offers solutions for real-time social intelligence, search engines, online publishers, E-Commerce providers, and financial trading firms. Topsy Labs, Inc. was founded in 2006 and is based in San Francisco, California.

About APSU Top Online Frustrations Infographic
APSU have generated a visual representation of the number of negative tweets related to customers’ online experiences for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and YTD, comparing this to prior trading years and listing their top frustrations on the Top 100 UK and US e-commerce websites.

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