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The Smart Choice for Power Systems including AS/400, iSeries, and System i Cloud Backup

Finally move away from drive reliability problems and the usual errors relating to tape media and migrate to APSU’s Cloud Backup for Power Systems, a tapeless disk-to-cloud (D2C) backup system for the AS/400, iSeries or Power i. Back up your Power i to a Wintel server, replicate your data to the cloud and never worry about sending tapes off site ever again.



Your Power i data will be stored in data centres that are ISO 27001 and PCI DSS compliant, and will be encrypted at source and in transit without sacrificing system performance.

Data Restores

Data Restores

Extremely fast file restores when you need them, from locally provided SAN storage replicated to APSU’s cloud service for offsite backups.

Fully Managed

Managed Expertise

Your cloud backup solution will be managed by IBM accredited System i experts, there to support you and ensure your data is available 24/7.

Reduce Backup Times

Reduce Backup Times

Expect to cut your backup time and reduce the expense of backup media. The uncertainty of never knowing whether that tape will restore or not is finally removed.


Backup Structure

The backup consists of a software library installed on the Power i that implements SAVLIB, SAVOBJ, SAV, SAVDLO and SAVCFG. SAVSYS is not possible with this solution, and a traditional save to tape is included within the service. This type of conventional backup is completed once per quarter or when a change is made to the IBM system libraries, for example a program temporary fix (PTF) load.

Backup Catalogue

The solution also creates a backup catalogue that contains an entry for each save and list file that contains a list of the objects in each save. The catalogue can be viewed with a WRKVOLLV command, the save file object list can be viewed so that entire libraries or individual objects can be restored. The result is an archive of backups so that you can have multiple versions of each library for near-line storage.

Cloud Confidence

APSU is recognised by IBM as one of its strategic partners for managed services and cloud-based solutions. With a position on IBM’s Worldwide Cloud Advisory Council and as IBM’s first accredited Managed Services Partner in the UK, APSU is well placed to support and design secure, highly available cloud services for business. In 2004, APSU developed the first cloud based high availability service for System i and in 2008, the first managed tapeless disk-to-cloud (D2C) solution for the UK market.
  • Standard Service
    Standard Service
  • Cold Start DR
    Cold Start DR
A Wintel server with SAN storage will be installed at your location. Overnight backups of the Power i will save directly to the attached disk array. Your data will then be deduplicated, encrypted and replicated to APSU’s cloud.

APSU will manage the backup, file restore and full restore in the event of a disaster on your Power i. Problem determination and resolution together with change management for your backup schedule will be handled by our Power i experts.

The same as the standard service, but including a disaster recovery option allowing you to suspend both your existing offsite tape storage and disaster recovery agreements.

An annual disaster recovery test is included, complete with a recovery time objective (RTO) analysis and a test report. System restores will be to an APSU Power i at one of our designated recovery centres.

This service has an indicative RTO of 8 hours.


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“I was interested in a disaster recovery or high availability service to protect our iSeries server. After looking at competitive offerings, APSU came back with an extremely compelling enhanced disaster recovery solution. This was a tapeless disk to cloud backup service with a dedicated warm start iSeries to improve my recovery time objective.

All I can say is that, this has been ideal for my business; I now have two services wrapped into one, off-site tape backups and a dedicated disaster recovery solution. All at a budgetary cost that could not be matched by other suppliers. Very happy indeed.”

Robert Whittle, IT Manager, Senior Hargreaves