AssurIT implement a Cloud based System i Backup Solution for Leading Manufacturer of Designer Products for the Retail Sector

AssurIT have been providing consultative services to a major UK based manufacturer, with a view to migrating their existing System i backups, from the conventional tape media employed by most iSeries users, to a cloud based solution.

The brief was to move away from drive reliability problems and the usual errors relating to tape media, whilst at the same time providing an off-site service that was secure and met with data security guidelines. The client also wished to consolidate off-site iSeries data storage with a cold-start DR Service to improve their recovery window.

AssurIT have delivered a solution to meet it's clients requirements by using a specialist software package that provides for a complete disk-to-disk backup solution. This software replaces iSeries tape backups with a highly compressed, encrypted backup that is saved to a Wintel platform. With local SAN, client side and remote SAN storage based at AssurIT's datacentre, daily iSeries System saves can now be accessed locally or off-site for Disaster Recovery.

Further more, the benefit of having daily iSeries System saves stored on a SAN within it's datacentre, means that AssurIT can now provide a cold-start DR service, much quicker than the conventional service provided by its competitors.

Fabris Lane to be Virtualised

AssurIT have been working with Fabris Lane, the UK's largest eyewear Company, over the last few month to provide guidance on how to reduce operational costs associated with their IT Infrastructure. The brief was all encompassing and covered everything from Enduser Desktops, Server Estates, LAN access and their existing tape backup processes.

Fabris Lane's overall goal was cost reduction however they also needed to address their passion for carbon offsetting with a lower footprint through energy efficiencies.

AssurIT will achieve both these goals with virtualisation of their Desktops and Server Estates using IBM hardware and AssurIT's expertise, following an order placed in July. This reflects a substantial commitment from Fabris Lane to refresh the whole of their IT infrastructure and strengthened their internal systems with new technology.