APSU Provides Out of Hours Service Desk for Space Engineering
APSU Provides Out of Hours Service Desk for Space Engineering

APSU Provides Out of Hours Service Desk for Space Engineering

APSU has been selected by leading supplier of engineering services, Space Engineering, to provide an out of hours (OOH) service desk.

Space Engineering’s OOH service desk, provided by APSU, went live in early March offering extended support to engineering staff, improving operational assistance for customers.

Space Engineering contacted APSU because it had needed to further extend its IT support to provide the OOH service desk, but the cost of scaling up its existing IT department for 24/7 cover was prohibitive.

The firm was looking for a company that could act as an extension of its IT department, leading to its decision to select APSU, which operates a 24/7 service desk and works with clients to ensure that it is seen as an internal function, with a dedicated call number and answer if needed.

While APSU met Space Engineering’s initial requirement, the company needed to feel confident that APSU could manage, track and resolve incidents to agreed procedures. APSU was able to demonstrate that it could adopt a customer’s processes to ensure issues are responded to in the first instance.

Service transition involved team members from both companies working together to define clear operational documentation in order to provide a service that met Space Engineering’s expectations.

Space Engineering Services was established in 1988 by a group of engineers who were pioneers in the application of natural refrigerants, developing and installing bespoke solutions for leading companies in the UK and Europe. Over the years, Space Engineering has branched out into other services including plant manufacture, building services, refrigerated cabinet supply and service and compliance. Space Engineering’s head office is in Bristol and the firm has a further ten locations in the UK together with teams in Poland and Hungary.

APSU delivers service desk solutions to customers throughout Europe exclusively from its two UK-based operations centres.

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