IBM SmartCloud Managed Backup

Whether private, public or hybrid, on-site or off-site, APSU can help organisations unlock the scalable, flexible benefits of cloud in their back up solutions. IBM SmartCloud Managed Backup wraps those benefits into a fully managed service, enabling our clients to proactively, and with greater visibility, backup, retain and retrieve their most critical data. Smart, secure and cost effective.


Enabling security-rich, managed protection of critical data

IBM SmartCloud Managed Backup offers a choice of targeted data protection solutions to help enable security-rich, automated protection of your critical business data. By providing the option of on-site or off-site data protection in a redundant infrastructure managed by APSU, we can help you avoid data, system and site loss and downtime. Using IBM data centers enabled with the latest technologies, including advanced encryption and data deduplication practices, APSU can help you protect your data and better control business and operational risks.


Helping to reduce total cost of ownership

Using cloud-based data protection solutions, we can help you reduce your operating expenses, capital expense requirements and total cost
of ownership. Our managed backup service features more predictable monthly operating expenses and reduced up-front capital expense requirements for software and hardware infrastructure. We help you save time and expense through centralized visibility, reporting and analytics through our storage portal website for streamlined backup and restore routines, thereby enabling your IT staff to focus on higher-priority projects. IBM’s cloud-based data backup service can also reduce costs related to the creation, management and off-site shipping of backup tapes.


Easing the management of various industry regulation requirements

IBM SmartCloud Managed Backup helps protect your critical data end to end, while also easing management of compliance with general and industry-specific regulatory requirements. Our feature-rich, cross- platform data backup solutions provide the scalability and adaptability to support changing business and help manage regulatory requirements.[


  • Enables security-rich, managed protection of critical data for increased availability
  • Helps reduce total cost of ownership with cloud-based data backup solutions
  • Eases management of various industry regulation requirements

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