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Leading insurer extends AssurIT managed service contract

Domestic and General, the UK's leading specialist provider of warranty cover for electrical domestic appliances, has extended their managed service contract and increased their requirement for technical iSeries expertise. The contract covers a wide variety of IT services including a dedicated OOH Helpdesk, full 24/7 management of their iSeries servers, 24/7 management and application support for their replication environment and dedicated on-site technical iSeries staff.

Wells and Young’s sign Managed Services Contract to Protect their Core Systems

AssurIT have agreed a 3 year Managed Services contract with Wells and Young's Brewing Company. The contract covers out of hours cover across core servers, an off site end user helpdesk facility and 24x7 High Availability for the iSeries production server.

Phil Bly, Head of IT at Wells & Young's Brewing Company comments ‘From the work undertaken with the AssurIT team it is clear that there is an excellent match between the requirement WYBC had defined and the services that AssurIT proposed. There is also a strong match in company styles which I am sure will allow us to have a mutually beneficial relationship. The scope of the services that have been taken up by WYBC allow us provide the full level of IT services that are required within our expanding and developing business”

Steve Ellis, Managing Director at AssurIT comments 'We are delighted to have signed a managed service contract of this nature with Wells and Young's. AssurIT will provide key 'out of hours' support across their core IT Infrastructure and enable their business users to contact an IT helpdesk. The business critical iSeries production system will be covered by our 24x7 High Availability service providing the confidence that should a disaster recovery situation arise, AssurIT will invoke an up to date replica environment hosted at our Coventry data centre. The net effect will be minimal downtime and data loss.'

Senior Management Team Strengthened

AssurIT has appointed two new Directors to join the Senior Management Team at AssurIT as the organisation continues to enjoy success.

Steve Ellis joins, as Managing Director, to lead the organisation into a phase of expansion and towards offering a broader range of solutions that will position the company perfectly to take full advantage of the continued trend towards strategic IT out-tasking in the mid-market. Steve has made an investment in the organisation and has taken a share of the ownership.

With over 20 years background in the mid-range I.T market place Steve brings an invaluable mix of experience, focus and enthusiasm to AssurIT that has seen him take similar organisations to the top of their sector in terms of business growth and customer service.

Steve Ellis was keen to explain the potential he sees at AssurIT.

"AssurIT has a strong reputation for service delivery in the IBM mid-range market place. A number of major UK companies rely on us to run their IT systems or to deliver their High Availability environment. There are some very high profile organisations that depend entirely on us if their production systems fail. IBM even contracts us to do the same for their customer under the IBM SHARP offering".

"Over the next 18 months we will use that base to expand our offerings. The focus will be very much on Managed Service and Support solutions, built, priced and delivered in a flexible way. Given the infrastructure and skills we already have in place it is important for us to develop new Managed Service based solutions, such as Software as a Service, that will enable us to maximise that investment. We have already started making plans to deliver some great applications based on us hosting the middleware, operating system and hardware components and partnering with innovative ISV's. Customers really like the principle of taking Software as a 'Pay as you Go' service and we will start to provide Managed Service solutions around the niche areas that just haven't been available before".

"We have also started to win business in the provision of Managed Helpdesk solutions to small I.T organisations wanting to offer their customer a professional 24 x 7 Helpdesk service. I see this area as a key area for future success and we have worked hard to build a service that they can clearly see the benefits of using at a price that makes it really attractive".

"Overall AssurIT aims to deliver a really high standard of service at a great price. We are very easy to do business with and we offer outstanding value for money. For me that makes AssurIT a great proposition for the customers in our market place".

Spencer Lea has also joined AssurIT as Sales Director, to focus on the Sales and Marketing strategy for the expansion of the organisation.