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IBM Tealeaf: Online customer experience visualised

Feedback on your customer’s online experience

Improve customer online conversion & retention

IBM Tealeaf CX provides the ultimate “black box” solution to deliver visibility, insight and answers that improve customer online conversion and retention.

Provide breakthrough visibility into customer interactions on your website including in-page and RIA interactions that occur solely in the browser
Record the discovery of unexpected customer experiences and the scoring of customer struggle in real-time including mobile devices.
Passively capture network traffic without impacting site performance.
Use groundbreaking patented technology that powers a portfolio of IBM customer experience solutions.

Data captured in real-time

Analyse captured data in real-time

The IBM Tealeaf CX engine analyses captured data in real-time against user-defined rules. These event rules can be business or technical and examples include:

Business process: each step in a business process, or a customer completing or not completing a multi-step business process.
Customer struggle: a customer going through the checkout process multiple times, repeatedly trying to complete the billing information page, or going to help multiple times.
Product, feature and service tracking: a product, feature, or service selected by a customer.
Application error: an error exception message (e.g., java exception) or global error page.
Page error: HTTP 500, HTTP 40x, blank page, or page weight too great (size > 40KB).
Application response: Pages taking longer than 10 seconds to load.

An IBM Tealeaf solution to meet your needs

IBM Tealeaf CX

IBM Tealeaf CX is an industry-leading robust datastore of online customer information and the engine behind all IBM Tealeaf products.

IBM Tealeaf cxImpact provides rapid visibility into the hidden problems impacting your business to help you detect, quantify and resolve issues and sources of customer struggle.
IBM Tealeaf cxView affords proactive management by providing an early warning system into significant changes in critical customer experience metrics, struggle scores and KPIs.
IBM Tealeaf cxOverstat is designed to improve campaign performance and content placement while optimizing a site’s page flows with intuitive visual analytics such as heat maps, attention maps, link and form analytics.
IBM Tealeaf cxReveal empowers customer service teams with replayable access to both live and historical customer activities on your website from existing customer relationship management and support portals.
IBM Tealeaf cxVerify preserves a complete and permanent record of all customer interactions on your site for effective customer dispute resolution, fraud investigations, as well as for audit and compliance requirements.
IBM Tealeaf cxConnect provides smooth integration with business intelligence, analytics and website optimization solutions.

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Using IBM Tealeaf CEM solutions, can now capture and record each customer interaction on the site. These valuable insights are used to make quick fixes to the site and drive larger-scale development efforts.

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