Virtual Server Recovery for i

Budgeting, quality audits, business insurance reviews and those meetings to explain where it all went wrong, can make a busy calendar unmanageable.

Introducing VSRi from APSU, a fully managed cloud high-availability service that not only safeguards your business from a disaster or system downtime but also affords you more time to manage your calendar. Developed for an IBM iSeries or Power i, VSRi is fully approved by IBM, and is even delivered on behalf of the IT giant for major clients in all industry sectors.

Dedicated to driving your costs down and reducing your admin

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Budget-friendly by design and more effective than conventional tape recovery, VSRi is hosted and managed on IBM Power systems in our secure data centres. No longer do you need to have expensive on-site systems. You also cut out the need to have specialist staff for support and visits for maintenance and recovery. The administrative overhead is all provided for.

With no upfront payment, VSRi is incredibly affordable from the outset. Other ongoing costs can to be eliminated, since there’s no need for a second site and no need for off-­site tape storage.

It also ticks the box with your Business Insurance; your disaster recovery tests are annual and completed for you. Driving down insurance premiums and meeting compliancy targets.

Heavily focused on availability

With expert 24/7 management all year round, downtime is kept to a minimum. We provide processing power on demand, eliminating the risk of data loss. You’re assured of dedicated DASD for your back-up data.

You have access to a 24‐hour 365‐day service desk. Our operations team is supported by HA Solution Architects and Power i experts.

A replacement for cold start or enhancement to your existing high availability service

Our VSRi service can replace a cold start solution or can be extended to support your existing environment or improve a current configuration.

Say no to unmanageable calendars because of a system failure. VSRi, a fully managed end-to-end service, enabling you to concentrate on production and business as usual.

You don’t have to lose control

Signing up to an APSU managed High Availability Service for IBM i means that you don’t lose control or visibility. We install Vision Solutions Portal (VSP) to provide with at-a-glance monitoring and service reporting from any device with a browser. Providing you with all the benefits of a cloud service, but with as much control as you need.

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You don’t have to lose control

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You don’t have to lose control of your high availability environment with APSU’s Cloud
solution for IBM i.

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