APSU implements PCI compliant card system for Severn River Crossing

APSU implements PCI compliant card system for Severn River Crossing

Severn River Crossing Plc, the company which manages the two motorway crossings over the River Severn estuary between England and Wales, has reduced costs and increased security following the implementation of a fully compliant card system.

Efficiency is key when running a toll bridge. In order to prevent jams and hold ups, traffic must be kept moving at all times.

Severn River Crossing Plc had introduced a card payment system in time for the 2010 Ryder Cup golf tournament in Wales. However, it became apparent that this system could not cope with the rapidly increasing traffic.

APSU implemented a turnkey card payment solution, which allowed the two crossings to accept higher volumes of credit card payments, supporting increased traffic flow across the Severn Bridges.

The solution includes network based security and hosted based security systems which are constantly monitored from APSU’s 24/7 Service Operations Centre. APSU has also ensured Severn River Crossing adheres to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) v 3.0 for compliance.

Chris Boyes, Director of Technical Services at APSU said:

We are proud to have delivered this incredibly secure and efficient custom solution for Severn River Crossing Plc. As well as implementing the crossing’s card payment system, APSU provided the PCI payment support, which complies with the current standard, and will update as this evolves.

Mike Gudgeon, Commercial Manager at Severn River Crossing said:

The APSU contract is simply convenience. We operate the tolls 24/7, and we needed to outsource the project to a company able to support our in-house team on that basis.

We are extremely happy with the solution. It works well for us, we are happy with the service and we can get hold of APSU 24/7. It works so well that they often tell us when there is fault before we even see it. In three years, we have only had a few hours of downtime.

The project’s success has led Severn River Crossing and APSU to extend their agreement further: the two firms are now planning to implement contactless payments via credit cards during the first half of 2015.

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