APSU installs dual site Power i solution for Siemens Financial Services in the UK
APSU installs dual site Power i solution for Siemens

APSU installs dual site Power i solution for Siemens Financial Services in the UK

After a consultative period spent reviewing various options to support Siemens Financial Services in the UK (SFS UK) future workloads, ASPU will supply, configure and install two new IBM Power 7 servers at their UK data centres. The proposed systems were announced by IBM in early February and will provide the most effective solution for power/performance required by SFS UK.

The solution will see two Power 720 Express models, a one-socket server that supports up to eight POWER7+ cores in a flexible 4U rack-optimised form factor, installed at disparate locations, with high availability for business continuity. These servers are part of IBM’s upgrade path and will allow SFS UK’s existing investment in Power 6 technology to be realigned. The client will retain the current system serial numbers, and the existing licence program software stack will be transferred at no cost.

In performance benchmarks the new Power 7s are 300% more powerful in CPW terms than SFS UK’s current Power 6 infrastructure, and the proposed design also includes replacement of all of the current I/O and attached storage. This will allow the system configuration to benefit from the latest I/O and disk technology advancements made in January of this year, to be installed. The systems have also addressed power and heat, with a significant reduction in Watts and BTU/hrs., to provide more efficient running costs.

An APSU project executive will manage the upgrade process and work with both the client and APSU’s technical teams to ensure successful implementation.

About Siemens Financial Services:

The Financial Services unit of Siemens (SFS) is an international provider of business-to-business financial solutions. SFS helps facilitate investments, providing commercial finance, project and structured finance with specific asset expertise in the energy, healthcare, industry, and infrastructure & cities markets. Employing more than 2,900 employees worldwide, SFS supports Siemens as well as other companies with their capital needs and acts as an expert manager of financial risks within the Siemens company.
For more information, visit: www.siemens.com/finance.

APSU is the highest accredited IBM business partner in Europe for Power systems and is a trusted IT advisor for IBM’s top 10 Power i client base.

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