Credit Based Technology Support

CallPoint provides access to a range of skilled consultants available to support multiple business technologies, merely by calling a single telephone number. Using a straight-forward credit system, credits are purchased annually in advance and then exchanged as and when required. These credits are ‘burned’ at a rate appropriate to the technology where support is required and according to a customer defined severity level.


Cost Saving

Cost Saving

Considerable savings are achieved by having a combined support services CallPoint contract, in place of multiple, support and consultancy contracts. At a time when IT budgets are under ever increasing financial pressure, this is particularly relevant

Easier Budgeting

Easier Budgeting

Credit-based purchasing means that billing for support services is easier to budget. The reports supplied as part of the CallPoint contract, will assist in monitoring efficiency and credit usage; so that future requirements can be more accurately predicted.

Time Saving

Time Saving

Dealing with one point of contact is far more time efficient than dealing with a number of different suppliers. This time can be more effectively used within the IT division and/or the business using a CallPoint contract.

Contract Flexibility

Contract Flexibility

The ability to convert the style of credit between support calls and consultancy services makes the CallPoint contract inherently more flexible than conventional contracts. With ever changing demands on the IT department, this can be particularly beneficial.

Why there is a need for CallPoint

Many companies are now looking to supplement their in-house skills with specialist support – as and when they need them. Of course, the vendors for each of the technologies involved are more then happy to provide support services. However, this in itself creates new problems:

  • Managing multiple support agreements is complicated and time consuming
  • Where multiple technologies are involved, there is the risk of ‘finger pointing’ between vendors
  • Support may not be available on a 7×24 hour basis
  • Individual support agreements are not optimised and some even have a ‘use it or lose it’ approach

How CallPoint can help

APSU have recognised the shortcomings of multiple vendor support and developed an innovative solution to this problem. It’s CallPoint offering is designed to provide support for multiple technologies, through a single point of contact. This approach provides a number of advantages to CallPoint customers:

  • Credits can be flexible across all One Call technologies covered
  • Rather than paying a fixed rate for multiple support contracts with different suppliers, the actual cost is associated with the particular support a technology needs
  • Credit usage statistics can help control costs
  • Unused credits can be exchanged for consultancy services
  • A higher volume of credits purchased at the outset reduce the cost per credit
  • Consultant rates are reduced according to the number of credits purchased

Credit Usage

Credits are purchased annually in advance and the cost per credit reduces for larger amounts purchased. The credits are defined as Flexible or Fixed. Flexible credits can be used across all technology categories, whilst Fixed credits are cheaper but can only be used for one technology category.

In instances where multiple technology categories are required to resolve an issue, multiple credits are used. The severity level of a call also determines the number of credits used and calls can be logged as severity 1, 2, 3, or 4. A customer can upgrade the assigned severity at any time and the higher level of credit will be used.

Finally credits can be used for on-site consultancy. This can be actioned at any time within the contract as long as sufficient notice has been provided.

24/7 Manned Service Desk

All calls for CallPoint are taken by our professionally run, 24 hour, 365 days per year, manned Service Desk. Each call is logged, escalated and monitored through our sophisticated bespoke Service Desk management system.
  • Technologies Supported
    Technologies Supported
  • Initial Audits
    Initial Audits
A summary of technology areas are covered:

Power i – Hardware and i5/OS Support
Power i HA – Mimix, OMS/ODS
Maximise – Power i System Automation Software
Win2003-2012 – Server, Applications and HA
Security – Tripwire, Sophos
Cisco Network

A full list is available in the attached in the Service Operations Overview.

Some of the technology support categories will require an Initial Audit before they are included in the support service.

Examples include:

• Power i HA
• Power i Hardware
• WinServer HA
• Cisco Network

The cost of the relevant audit is dependant on the complexity of the technology involved and is agreed with the customer before the contract is signed.


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