C&D Foods embrace smart monitoring services
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C&D Foods embrace smart monitoring services

C&D Foods strengthen business continuity of their IT systems with smart monitoring services from APSU. Smart monitoring services will “watch and guard” the entire IT infrastructure from breakdown – it will be their eyes and ears to keep the business running! Yet this service is so much more … with “predictive foresight” built right into the solution, C&D Foods can address and take out issues before they even happen!

Ever wondered whether your systems are safe at night? Will the overnight applications be completed tomorrow? Does the risk of breakdown in network traffic across your business mean more than a breakdown?

Do you realise that at any time your business processes can be brought to a standstill. Risk mitigation programs can only go so far; it is better to be able to address issues as or even before they happen. Otherwise “delays walk through your door” such as critical shipments failures which hit business operations where it hurts! Customers who want to do business with you can no longer reach you! The breakdown could even be more subtle than this … ask yourself: Are my customers going elsewhere as they can’t get a response out of my systems because they are just too slow?

In fact the consequences of breakdown for C&D Foods are more critical today than a decade earlier as the IT systems are exposed to a much larger audience. On top of this, many strategic initiatives are built and executed through this IT architecture where ‘always-on, always available and quick response’, translates into millions of pounds for the business! Any breakdown impairs client relationships, and soiled reputations quickly follow and are difficult to recover from.

For C&D Foods’ IT environment: having ever-present “in-time” knowledge to expose and address threats to business processes and recover quickly and seamlessly, had to be the standard operating protocol. This approach means that clients can do their work in a business as usual fashion, “oblivious” as if nothing has ever happened.

Maintaining business continuity through the IT infrastructure is key for C&D Foods who first started producing Petfood from its base in Ireland in 1969. As a family business they initially focused on supplying Private Label canned pet food to the Irish and UK markets. In 2008 they joined forces with the ABP Food Group and are now one of the largest Private Label Petfood producers in Europe, supplying quality pet products to the major supermarket and retail chains.

Growth for C&D Foods has translated into an organization that now has major production facilities and sales offices in 11 locations around Europe. Their IT networks span and support all of these locations and exhibit an extensive array of Wintel and other communications devices. These are hosted in its IT data centre in Edgeworthstown (Ireland), as well as multiple sites inside Western Europe.

Rosalyn Donnelly, Group IT Manager for C&D said: “C&D Foods needed a solution, which could provide 24×7 monitoring of our systems, with the ability to react quickly and prevent issues from becoming problems. Selecting APSU as a managed service partner has provided a highly skilled resource set that we can leverage together with a framework for business continuity for some of our most business critical systems. Our IT resources can now focus on the “value add” tasks of project work and integrating new services and applications into the business.   This meant that business-as-usual (BAU) continuity activities and monitoring needed to be part of the solutions APSU provided. In fact, provisioning a complete managed services approach was called for!”

C&D decided to engage with APSU, who proposed a smart monitoring services solution that will cover the entire network. The proposed solution will give C&D Foods a view on system failures, which they did not have before. More importantly the solution will also have a predictive capability in identifying potential system failures before they occur, so remedial actions can address issues, and maintain the highest availability of IT Services.

APSU provides smart monitoring services to clients in Europe, USA and Australia, enabling C&D to harness APSU’s centralised support framework at a cost point that provides real value for their whole European operation.

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