Virtual Data Centre (VDC)

Virtual Data Centre (VDC) is APSU’s enterprise-class Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution for Wintel environments which replaces the need to continually invest in IT as your environments age or your business grows. Virtual Data Centre combines security and scale with APSU’s widely recognised service provider experience to deliver a flexible and cost-effective way to build your ICT infrastructure using Europe’s largest ICT services platform. It is a cloud computing solution delivered in partnership with Interoute, Europe’s largest cloud platform with integrated connectivity, communication and computing services.




With 99.99% availability and the capability to build your environment in multiple virtual data centres delivered from 12 locations, high availability and resilience are part of the solution.



Built on Europe’s largest MPLS network, your virtual servers will be stored in ISO 2000, 27001, SAS-70 and PCI DSS compliant data centres.

Fully Managed


Your virtual servers will be managed by an IBM-accredited cloud builder and cloud infrastructure Business Partner, helping you deliver cloud as a service for your business.



Only pay for what you need; add additional capacity on the fly or more virtual servers as required. No more paying for future growth in your server platforms that may never materialise.


Connectivity Designed

APSU’s team of network engineers will design a connectivity solution that will give you the confidence that we can deliver the cloud as a service for your business.

Service Provisioning

APSU takes care of provisioning your entire ICT solution within our Virtual Data Centre environment. The provisioning of the computer, storage and network resources will be managed by APSU.

Measured Service

APSU completely manages the Virtual Data Centre. We monitor usage of the service, report and control the allocation of resources, and determine how much and what is being used by whom.

Elastic Service

The computer, storage and network resources used to create your ICT service within the Virtual Data Centre environment can all be used in a truly elastic way. APSU manages what you need and gives you the flexibility to grow your Virtual Data Centre to an almost unlimited level.
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APSU is recognised by IBM as one of its strategic partners for managed services and cloud-based solutions. With a position on IBM’s Worldwide Cloud Advisory Council and as IBM’s first accredited Managed Services Partner in the UK, APSU is well placed to support and design secure, highly available cloud services for business. Its partnership with Interoute with a substantial investment in Virtual Data Centres, further cements APSU’s pedigree in offering innovative world-class services.
Interoute Communications Ltd iis the owner-operator of Europe’s largest cloud services platform, which encompasses over 60,000 km of lit fibre, nine hosting data centres and 32 colocation centres, with connections to 140 additional third-party data centres across Europe. Its full-service Unified ICT platform serves international enterprises, as well as every major European telecommunications incumbent and the major operators of North America, East and South Asia, governments and universities.


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Virtual Data CentreVirtual Data Centre Datasheet

Virtual Data CentreVirtual Data Centre Managed Service Modules Datasheet

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“Our ageing IT server platform was nearing end of life and I had initially looked to APSU to present pricing for replacement. APSU put forward an alternative solution based on their VDC cloud platform that was compelling and made me realize that the conventional buy and replace every 3 or 4 years was not in our best interest.

APSU already provided a managed service and the VDC solution covers both this and the provision of cloud servers together with the necessary software I needed. The migration from our existing platform was seamless and all in all, our staff are very pleased with the solution.”

Piers Jones, Finance Manager