Data Volumes Reduced by 50% Defers Further Storage Investment
Data Volumes Reduced by 50% Defers Further Storage Investment

Data Volumes Reduced by 50% Defers Further Storage Investment

APSU recently completed an implementation of a Symantec Enterprise Vault solution for Midland Heart, encompassing elements of file archiving and enhanced discovery features.

Enterprise Vault is the industry leader in integrated content archiving; it lets users store, manage and discover unstructured information across their organisation. As the industry’s most widely deployed enterprise archiving solution, Enterprise Vault helps customers de-duplicate information at source to reduce costs, delete information confidently and discover information efficiently.

Some of the features that Midland Heart wanted to take advantage of were:

  • The Unified Document Archiving Software Platform, which moves less frequently accessed information off expensive primary storage to lower cost storage
  • E-Discovery and Search roles-based access, which lets legal users search, preserve, review and export electronically stored information efficiently
  • Global de-duplication of archived content (i.e. emails, files, SharePoint data, IMs and databases)
  • Active Content Collection, which extends searching, indexing and classification of data beyond the archive

Midland Heart’s requirement was driven by the massive data explosion of their Microsoft Exchange environment when it upgraded from Microsoft Exchange 2003 to 2010 and the removal of the single instancing feature, which meant that their tiered storage array was struggling to cope with the demand. Midland Heart has worked with APSU for many years so when APSU heard about the issues and the possible hardware spend they were likely to have to make to resolve the issues, we were quick to engage and offer a more long-term and cost-effective solution in the form of Symantec Enterprise Vault.

APSU arranged product demos in conjunction with Symantec and carried out thorough planning workshops in order to fully understand Midland Heart’s pain points and the business objectives Symantec Enterprise Vault had to resolve and achieve.

This then led to a scope for the required licences and services and an implementation plan drawn up with Midland Heart’s IT operations team in order to meet the objectives as efficiently as possible, whilst still keeping in mind Midland Heart’s immediate shortage of disk storage space and making the end-user experience as impressive as possible.

Midland Heart’s data volumes are likely to be reduced by up to 50%, which has allowed it to defer further investment in storage hardware and infrastructure.

Midland Heart is one of the top ten housing and care organisations based in the UK. It provides and maintains homes for more than 70,000 people, owns and manages more than 32,000 homes across 54 local authority areas and invests in excess of £100 million each year in local neighbourhoods.

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