Disaster Recovery Services

Fast track your disaster recovery to the proven solution

Eliminate management complexity and reduce costs with a multi-platform Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution managed by a single provider. DraaS offers an innovative, proven cloud-enabled disaster recovery platform that provides continuous replication of data from your primary site to a resiliency data center.

Avoid spiraling data center costs with tiered service levels designed to make recovery of high tolerance data rapid and affordable.

 Multi-Platform support … now including IBM i
 Significant OPEX savings
 Near-Zero RPO and RTO
 Fast, consistent, reliable
 Backed by 50 years of expertise
 Heterogenous to backend storage

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To help you get started, APSU in partnership with IBM, are pleased to offer a free of charge enterprise resiliency assessment to help you better define your recovery objective and resource dependencies to improve responsiveness and optimise investments.

APSU is one of the UK’s leading and fastest growing managed services businesses. We are Europe’s highest accredited IBM Partner, and our collaborative approach brings cutting-edge solutions to an extensive portfolio of enterprise clients.

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