Discover the next evolution of blade technology with IBM Flex System

With the next evolution of blade technology, the IBM Flex System can help you go beyond blades, with a broad range of x86 and IBM POWER compute nodes, the new Flex System V7000 storage node, enhanced networking capabilities and improved system management capabilities, you can upgrade your existing blade infrastructure or build your own system and make your IT simpler, more flexible, more open, and more efficient.

You know your business and your IT needs and you want to build a solution tuned for your application and services. You need the most advanced blade system in the market, a flexible architecture to support your needs today –and tomorrow. And you need simple, integrated management to keep operational costs down. But you also want a no-compromise design and long-term investment protection.

If you need to transition or migrate an existing blade infrastructure to simplify management and improve performance and flexibility, IBM Flex System can meet your needs. IBM Flex System technology delivers the performance and flexibility you need now and is designed to support multiple generations of future technologies.

The Evolution of the Blade

IBM Flex System

Combines no-compromise system designs along with built-in expertise and integrates them into complete, optimised solutions.

IBM Storwise V7000 Overview

IBM Storwise V7000

Designed to meet the changing needs of businesses of all sizes, IBM Storwize V7000 is the most powerful and easy-to-use innovative disk systems in the storage marketplace.

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