IBM i Performance Assessment Tool

About this tool

FLiP (Flash IBM i Performance) is an IBM FlashSystem® assessment tool for IBM i workloads developed by IBM.

The best IBM i job candidates for this tool are typically those that are spending proportionally most of their total run time waiting for Read disk I/Os. This tool will help you identify the jobs that could potentially take benefit from IBM FlashSystem© technology in order to improve their runtime performance.


Before starting, you will need an IBM I MGTCOL and/or the performance data created on an available IBM i System. Please refer to this Guide for instructions on how to correctly compile the performance data.

Please note: The tool will process the first 100 jobs from the performance data, we therefore recommend that you filter your input file accordingly.

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  • Accepted file types: csv.
  • Please ensure that realistic inputs have been provided for the high-level configuration, the workload definitions, and user options. Actual customer results may differ significantly. This sizing estimate is not an offer or contract. It is a preliminary estimation provided to you for informational purposes only to help you predict a possible hardware configuration for a given workload. No data is stored on our webservers, the assessment results are presented on screen and will be emailed directly to you. You can reset the data at any time by reloading a new csv file.

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