You can

your IT budget

Cut your IT budget without sacrificing services and support

As essential services are stretched to breaking point by cuts to government budgets after spending reviews, all departments and local authorities are looking to reduce costs.

Reduce Costs
APSU’s proven audit services will help you to spend less on IBM software and hardware maintenance without having to move to third-party support.

Reduce Costs
APSU will match third-party hardware maintenance and remove after-licence fees to enable full manufacturer support.

Reduce Costs
Our audits will also simplify the complexity of full-capacity licensing and sub/virtual capacity licensing and will determine if you are paying for unused software.

Reduce Costs
APSU is so confident that we can help you achieve significant savings that all our audits are FREE. We only ask for 10% of the annual savings you will make.

Join the many companies who have used APSU’s audit services to reduce costs – companies like CDS Global who have saved £74k per annum without moving away from IBM support.

APSU also provide multi-vendor hardware support agreements to consolidate contracts, with one renewal date and a single point of contact.

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