JHC Partners with APSU

JHC Partners with APSU

London, United Kingdom: JHC, a leading provider of innovative wealth management solutions, has announced today that it has signed a new contract with APSU, an IBM global strategic partner, to strengthen its long-standing FIGARO Managed Service offering in the cloud.

Through its FIGARO Managed Service, JHC offers clients a fully-integrated front-to-back office solution, which it manages and hosts in secure data centres with 24 hour technical support from the firm’s team of technical experts. To enhance this service and allow its clients to host the software both on premise and in the cloud, JHC has made the strategic decision to partner with APSU, an experienced managed cloud solutions provider, particularly for IBM.

Software vendors are increasingly recognising the need to offer a SaaS service model that provides customers with greater agility, increased innovation, operational risk, and lowered costs without long-term financial commitments. FIGARO successfully supports over 60 major financial institutions in the UK and Ireland with a total of over £100 billion assets under management with over 36,000 trades every day, and expects this to grow significantly following the partnership with APSU.

John Blackman, CEO of JHC, said:
“By partnering with APSU, we are ensuring that we have the joint expertise to offer our clients our successful FIGARO Managed Service in the cloud as a SaaS model, representing a highly flexible and cost-effective option. By removing the need to purchase additional hardware and communications equipment and conduct regular upgrades, we expect the enhanced FIGARO Managed Service to be well received by our client base of wealth managers.

“SaaS cloud services allow companies to break away from legacy systems that are costly to update and lack agility, and instead scale their technology up or down to adopt new upgrades and comply with constantly changing regulations with speed and at ease. We are delighted to be able to offer this service with the support of APSU, and its superior knowledge of IBM, which will allow JHC to integrate the cloud framework with FIGARO’S core operating system, to develop the improved FIGARO Managed Service.”

Steve Morris, CEO of APSU, said:
“We are proud to have been selected by JHC to deliver its core application in a SaaS model, providing a secure, scalable cloud solution that is managed. I feel that both companies have clear goals to deliver innovation and improve the customer experience with operational excellence. “We believe that FIGARO cloud is the next step and the right choice for JHC’s clients.”

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