Major Financial and Business Services Group signs 3 Year SHARP contract

Major Financial and Business Services Group signs 3 Year SHARP contract

This organisation is an award winning Global Services organisation, specialising in Business Factoring across a wide range of industries.

The company has a core business applications running on the IBM System platform, which is vital to the continued operation of the business. The data stored in the application is so critical that the organisation cannot risk even the smallest transaction being lost in the event of a system or software failure, they also need continual access to the application if the production environment is not available.

Having considered a wide range of solutions, including providing the service in-house themselves, they concluded that the most effective solution would be the SHARP service from IBM and AssurIT.

In the final recommendation report, the organisation concluded that over a 3 year period, it would cost 40% less to take the SHARP service rather than implementing a solution themselves and that the service level provided would be higher that than they could reach with their own people.

Gerard Burke, AssurIT Operations Director, explains why this organisation chose to take the provision of High Availability as an external service.

“As with many other customers, once they considered the total cost of an in-house High Availability project, including hardware, software, maintenance, training, hosting, power and people, and compared that to the price of an equivalent service using SHARP it just didn’t make financial sense to undertake the project themselves. We can provision the service within a short space of time, with the customers input only required for key decisions about the rules around how they want their data protected, and once it’s up and running we do everything for them. This company has so many other business focused projects they need to deliver this year they were very keen for us to just take the problem of protecting their systems away”

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