Software Asset Management (SAM) Service

Software Asset Management (SAM) Service

As software licensing becomes ever more complicated, BAU software costs increase and vendor audits become more frequent, and the financial risks of non-compliance are significant. Most organisations now realise that it is imperative that they manage their software assets as effectively as possible.

As part of its managed service, APSU will maintain an organisation’s IBM software portfolio to ensure licence compliance, and will optimise both licences and subscriptions to align with the organisation’s present and future needs. We are able to offer this service in physical, virtual or mixed environments.


Scheduled reporting

Through thorough reporting of vendor metrics, it is easier to track, measure and control the usage of licences effectively.



A global view of assets allows for a smarter approach to reconciling and optimising entitlement renewals, with cost effective measures in place.


Tailored for you

Align an organisation’s software strategy to its business requirements and future plans in the most compliant manner possible.


Forecast usage and infrastructure changes that could affect existing entitlements, regardless of complexity.


Enquire about Free SAM Audit

APSU’s audit services include a global report to give you greater control of your IBM software portfolio.
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Service approach

This service is designed to, but is not limited to, the following actions:
Initial review and audit of the estate.
Establish ELP.
Recommend changes in sub-capacity/ full-capacity licensing.
Highlight risks.
Produce a quarterly report detailing the existing IBM license position and recommendations.
Implement and manage the IBM License Metric Tool.
Liase with stakeholders within the enterprise to ensure all business requirements and issues are captured and reported on.
Assist with new acquisitions and renewals to deliver the best possible pricing.
Provide advice and recommendations regarding changes to IBM licensing rules, product bundling and deployment.
Assist during an IBM audit to minimise disruption to your business.
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Software Asset Management Service (SAMS) DatasheetSoftware Asset Management Service (SAMS) Datasheet

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    Advisory Services
If you’re not sure you need all the benefits of a managed service, APSU offer one-off services that can help organisations to navigate vendor audits, ensuring that they exit the process with the least possible exposure.

What can we offer?

APSU can explain the process the vendor will go through.
Liaise with third-party auditors.
Establish the terms of the audit.
Advise on best practice when dealing with the vendor or third party.
Advise on how to mitigate any costs associated with the audit.
Reduce disruption to your business.
APSU also provide an ad hoc, bespoke service that provides information to organisations on specific issues on vendor software.

The challenges we can address include:

Understanding licensing options within IBM’s offering.
Advice on cost implications for specific products, e.g. Terabyte vs Processor Core.
Assess a commercial offer from the vendor.
Provide specific license advice, i.e. when is an unlimited licence desirable?
Help manage your ELA.