Webinar: Software Asset Management (SAM)

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APSU Webinar

As software management becomes increasingly complicated, regular compliance with vendor requirements can seem like you’re navigating an endless licensing maze.

With financial costs increasing, most organisation’s are now finding themselves asking the following questions:

  • How do we effectively reduce software monitoring costs without allocating more resources from our IT department?
  • How do we comply with best practice and prepare for audits?
  • Is it possible to “future-proof” our IT and licensing requirements?
  • Where can i find a managed service which will free up company resources?

If these scenarios sound familiar, please join APSU’s Software Asset Auditor, Sarah Lawrence, as she explores how software asset management (SAM) can help you achieve a more organised approach to vendor software without breaking the bank.


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Sarah Lawrence - Software Asset Auditor, APSUSarah Lawrence
With over 5 years experience during which she has worked with dedicated professionals from Deloitte and KPMG in conducting worldwide company audits, Sarah Lawrence understands the importance of SAM consultation and risk management.

SAM practice provides guidelines and processes for all businesses and it is something that vendors are taking more seriously as a away of attaining revenue at a time when licensing is at its most complex.

In this webinar, Sarah will provide practical advice for Organisations of all sizes on what they can expect when embracing Software Asset Management (SAM).

What is SAM?

  • Corporate strategy & IT alignment
  • Negotiation of agreements
  • Deployment of Software
  • Lifecycle of Software & Licensing
  • Retirement of PC’s, Software & Licensing
Why Embrace SAM?

  • Cost Reduction and control
  • Risk Management
  • Proactively support change
  • Audit readiness
  • Reduce resources required for audits
IBM Licensing

  • Extensive software portfolio
  • Passport advantage
  • Multiple license metrics
  • Active Auditors
  • Sub Capacity and LMT
APSU’s SAM Managed Service

  • Accredited IBM partners
  • Negotiate discounts on IBM licensing and hardware
  • Offer audit readiness
  • Consultation on licensing nuances
  • ILMT & BigFix